About Me

“You are so weird.” Many people tell me that. Sometimes, it’s: “You’re soooooo weeeeeiiiiirrrd!”

Hello, I am Ella and this is my blog. I am a grad student, a temp teacher, a medical school dropout, blahblahblah  among others. I lived on a hill five minutes off a beach. I fed sea turtles during summers back then.

I made this primarily for my Lit 170 class back in college. I copy-pasted some of my works from my other blogs because I deleted them. Most of the pictures used here are mine. If not, they are credited. If something isn’t credited and it’s yours, please tell me. I am lazy, but I am not a thief.

Judge me, I don’t mind. I’m judging you too, so we’re cool. Thanks for reading, and if ever we see each other (on the road, in a mall, in Twitter, wherever), don’t hesitate to say hi. I won’t bite.

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