Bette Davis Eyes

Brandon Flowers will always be my “Bette Davis”.

I always hear the song “Bette Davis Eyes”  growing up. The radio stations back in our hometown never fails to play it every afternoon at about four.

All this time I thought the singer was Rod Stewart (sorry Kim Carnes) until I Googled it five years ago. It kinda… disappointed me that the singer was a girl. I mean, I really think it would be better if it were sung by a boy.

See Bette Davis’ eyes, they’re too direct. Like, BAM, she has you. It’s either you walk to her or walk away from her. She’s like this superwoman-spy-hot-girl-that-would-make-a-pro-blush.

Besides, girls don’t give a shit about another girl teasing a boy; in fact, it would annoy her.

And she’ll tease you
She’ll unease you
All the better just to please you

Unless she is the girl.

I don’t know about you but the song made me like the Bette Davis-like character in the song. I want to be that girl, and I want Brandon Flowers singing about me, like this! Goodness, Brandon Flowers singing about this girl is just perfect. I know he is married, and I’d like to think his wife is like this girl!

Brandon Flowers Live From Abbey Road “Bette Davis Eyes”

I have always looked up to girls who are… challenging. It’s more fun and anxiety-inducing, in a good way. She’ll unease you all the better just to please you.

I don’t know if I am that girl, though. But I want to think I am because I want to make the pros blush. And Brandon Flowers to sing about me.

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