Anyone who knows me knows that my dream job would be a driver. Not just any driver, mind you. I specifically want to be a getaway driver. Since I suck at being illegal, I want to be legal getaway driver, like ionno, Bourne’s driver or Bond’s. But of course since they’re awesome, they do not need personal drivers that would let them dodge bullets while killing the driver of the other car.

Thus, I would settle as the NBI driver. I did it for some time, and it was not like in the movies. So scratch the first sentence, I would be the driver for high-risk criminals for BJMP. Or the CIA. Or The Mob. Whatever, just don’t give me guns and give me speed, gasoline and a road. And a good muscle car. Mustang, preferably. Aston Martin would be nice, same with an Audi or BMW. Ferrari and Porshe would be too flashy, so no thanks. Fudge, just get me a Cooper. We’ll be fine.

While I’m not exactly what you’d call a Ryan Gosling fan (got turned off watching The Notebook), I have to say he’s H O T. He’s perfect: the skewed eyes, the long-ish face, the brooding stance… I can go on forever. Hah, which brings me to this: Watch Drive. You may not be a fan before, but after Drive, I’m telling you: if you’re not charmed, you do not have a heart, or worse, taste. The TMZ guy (not Harvey) even said, “Drive is The Notebook for men; midway through the movie I was like ‘Ryaaaaaan!'” As I am not a man nor a woman with lesbian tendencies, three minutes into the movie I was like, “Ryaaaaaaaan!” and “Gosh I wanna be just like him!” just cause he has my dream job. And my Halloween costume for this year would have to be the white jacket with the huge golden scorpion.

I have been watching violent shit lately, from Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (the Swedish edition) to Drive. Don’t ask me why, I just do, and they’re good. They’re perfect studies of the human condition, especially when the human is scarred. And speaking of perfection imperfections, man, Ryan Gosling is perfect in Drive. His character, at least is. He’s the perfect combination of aggression and affection, if you know what I mean. Literally, he’s a sweet mofo. If you’re a man, please develop a crush on Ryan Gosling’s character in Drive. (Dear TMZ guy, I like you already because of that; marry me).

Not to mention the soundtrack. The movie would not be the same without it. Oh, it even has a song from The Social Network (the scene where Ryan goes to Carey Mulligan’s work; Hand Covers Bruise). Although Fincher’s Girl With the Dragon Tattoo has Reznor and Ross again at the helm of their soundtrack, this movie’s soundtrack would be a major competition at this year’s Oscar’s for original score. And the cinematography: artsy without being fartsy. You know, like Hemingway. He’s a classic but not intimidating. Smart but accessible. This movie  gives that vibe. For some reason, it even reminds me of Brick – the Gordon-Levitt starrer from way back.

Driving is great, makes me feel I’m in control (which is a lie). But anyway, if you’re asking why the hell I want to be a driver, watch Drive. And fall for Ryan.

PS. I love you, Ryan Gosling. ♥♥♥

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