Top Five Hottest Male Movie Characters

Presenting the men who made me realize how fortunate I am to be a girl. They are, for me, the ideal men (which also explains why they are fictitious). If you know someone who are like them, introduce us. But please make sure that he also looks like the men I enumerate. Tough call, I know.

Anyway, let’s start. Let’s limit to 5 men, shall we?

1. Tommaso Paladini

Tommaso (left) is the character Marco Cocci played in the movie Ovosodo. It is not that remarkable, the film, but to my then 14 year old mind, Tommaso was the embodiment of cool: rich, smart and knows historical figures and jazz. He had a devil-may-care attitude and enters classrooms through windows (because he was late). He’d let you be with him and spend nights under the stars just exploring life. He’s just cool and I want him.

2. Gigolo Joe

Yes, I fell for Jude Law because of his prostitute robot character. Whaddaya know? He’s perfect! He’s cute, he tap dances, his moves are… energetic and appears sincere. Jude Law is perfect. I was thirteen and I remember buying Details magazine with Jude Law on the cover. Reading about him made him cooler, but I believe that if I discovered him now, the charm isn’t there anymore.

3. The Driver from Drive

Look at that stare. If that does not melt you, you are heartless. The Driver gets the biggest space in this post because he also occupies the biggest space in my heart (LOL). Apart from the fact that he has my dream job, this dreamy character (played by Ryan Gosling, aka The Future Father of My Children) is the perfect man for me: silent, aloof but really compassionate to he point of being violent. Have you seen him with the kid? OMG I am currently having an estrogen meltdown as I remember it.

4. The Killer from Le Samourai

Like The Driver, The Killer is also aloof and cool. The Driver was based on this guy, actually. He did not exhibit human nature understanding though, as his character did not provide depth to his character. Who cares, he was busy saving his life. He’s very smart, very sophisticated but very Lone Wolf. He also had one of my dream jobs.

5. James Bond (Daniel Craig version)

Before Daniel Craig’s Bond, I was for Timothy Dalton’s. I know everyone’s like “Hey Sean Connery’s the best Bond there is!” but I think Connery’s sometimes a bit too comical. Dalton’s is sexy and rebellious but he’s pretty. Craig, God bless him, is not pretty but more gritty and that makes him sexy.

There you go. They are my top five hottest male characters in the movies. Most of them, as you may have noticed, are aloof and loners. I don’t know what that means but maybe it reflects my personality. Maybe.

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