This page will be (obviously) dedicated to food.

I like food. But I do not like much of it. I do not get hungry when I am doing something, like work. I can survive on junk food, but generally I like high-quality shit. I’m for quality, not quantity.

Speaking of quality meals, I like all-day breakfasts. I do not care if you eat oatmeal for dinner. I respect you if you won’t eat rice, ever. I’ll join you if you’re having froyo for breakfast. Oi, I’m also this health freak: I check sodium, fat and sugar levels ever since high school. Quite paradoxical since I love, love junk food: I make sure I have Russel Stover’s no sugar, all dark chocolates every time I come home from Subic.

I also cook/make my own food, especially if I do not like what’s on the table (or if there’s nothing on the table). And I am cheap, as in cheaper than Rachel Ray. But I can say that the food I make is enjoyable and edible.

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