Choco-Mango S.Pies

That, my friend, is my S.Pie. That’s pronounced as /spy/, by the way. It stands for Sandwich Pie. I made it specific since I think the name pie is reserved for those pastries that had been stuck in the oven with carefully crafted crusts (grocery-bought pastry shells too). Fried pies like in Mickey D’s and Jollibee as well as those meat pies are called empanadas in my book. So I am going for Spies. I would have gone for Fie as in fake pie but “fake” is a strong word for this wonderful tummy filler perfect for tired people – I usually make these after school.

You’d need a sandwich maker for this. You can use your non-stick pan if you want. Just remember to NOT fry it.


2 pcs white bread

1/2 of a mango

Nutella or any other chocolate spread that you like


First, cut the bread into triangle halves. Yes, we are not just going to put the whole sandwich into the maker because the chocolate would ooze out: dirty.  I used kitchen scissors to lessen the effort and crumbs. You should have four triangles. Then get the mango. I don’t know how to say this in English but take 1/2 of it (the fleshy part/cheek) and carve it out using a glass. Chunk the mangoes.

Spread Nutella on those triangles. I know it’s tempting to just slather the whole bottle on those triangles but no. As I’ve said, it would ooze out and you do not want this to happen. Control yourself and avoid the sides of the bread. Put mangoes on it. Remember not to put too much!

Then make a sandwich (basically putting the other piece of bread on top of another bread: bread sex) and pop them in the sandwich maker.

Then wait for it to get done. Take a pee then wash your hands. Won’t make any difference.

And there you go: if youre frugal, this would come handy. It tastes really good, and it’s cheap. I eat it for dinner lately.

So that’s the mahiwagang tinapie. Masarap.

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