Lazy Sardine Dinner

So now that we’re officially in the rainy season, we are also expecting torrential monsoon rains. And when it’s raining outside, I find it daunting to go out and eat. Hell, I find it daunting to do grocery shopping. I’d rather starve (stupid, I know, but the rains pour in BUCKETS).
And now that we have that situation, I think it is smart to stock up on non-perishables like canned meat and fish, processed cheese (they have a loooong shelf life), bread… junk food because it’s fun and it’s food. Don’t forget real food stuff though, that you can use in times of trouble: garlic, onions, pepper, tomatoes: you know, the stuff that would make your typhoon evacuation a better, tastier experience.
Since it was raining and I am an awesomely lazy person, I decided to make dinner using what’s left in the pantry, namely: a can of sardines, cheese, bread and spices. Actually, it’s more like comfort food, not dinner, but… I don’t want to eat a lot during rainy days.
This is what I did:

Get some bread. I had some wheat bread and I cut it by halves to be manageable. Of course, this dish isn’t complete without sardines so go get that can. I only used one: 555 in tomato sauce. Then of course, pepper, cheese, tomatoes garlic and onions. Prep them, chop them.

I did not use salt in this. The salt content of the canned fish is enough. I used a ton of basil leaves though. So now that you have prepped the ingredients, go get your trusty olive oil and pour about a tablespoon on a skillet. Put the bread. When you think one side is nice and toasted, turn it over. Put cheese (Quickmelt) on the newly turned over side and when it melts, sprinkle some dried basil leaves lovingly as you savor the smell. Then just when the cheese melts, take it off the skillet and top with tomatoes.

You can actually eat it right now but since I prepared for a whole lot of sardine thing, I will continue.

Remember the spices/condiments stuff that you prepared earlier? Yeah, now since the skillet is done toasting your bread, pour another tablespoon of olive oil and sautee the onion, garlic, pepper and another ton of basil. When it smells yummy, that’s the time to mix in the sardines. Reduce the fish to a pulp by continuous mashing. When you think it’s done (the fish is cooked even before you opened it, you know), take it off the fire. Spoon some of the mixture over your toasted bread with cheese + basil + tomatoes. Since I ran out of fresh chives, the presentation lacks color but it tastes great (told you I’m too lazy to go grocery shopping on a rainy day).

Voila! Dinner’s served. Preferably with green tea to wash away the fishy taste of the canned fish.


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