Peanut Butter + Chocolate Madness

People who know me know that I have a weird relationship with food: I love it and fear it at the same time. Not hate, fear. I don’t want to get fat. There I said it. But I enjooooy eating. Which brings us to:

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

That is my favorite candy of all time. I tell you, if I see a pack (Reese’s WAS rare in this part of the world until I discovered Subic Bay), I geotagged it in my mind. Like right now: second aisle from the first checkout counter from the guard, three shelves up is Mini Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. Trader’s Duty Free. Yep. Beside the Hershey’s party packs. $6.

Well actually, anything with peanut butter and chocolate does it for me. Butterfinger claims my soul as well, too. But of course since there is the perpetual diet voice in my mind, I am more prone to eat dark chocolate (but when I do feel cheap, it’s Reese’s-Butterfinger time) when I feel the need to be happy. Just so you know, a single peanut butter cup has a total calorie count of 88 and total fat count of 5 grams. Butterfinger on the other hand has 98 calories and a total fat count of 4 grams. Grams!

Anyway, I am in my parents’ house because I my body wants to detoxify. This house is like my rehab. Magallanes is just too… Toxic for me (I get uglier there). So I go here to recharge. Then I see a bag of Kisses. And Peterpan peanut butter.

Because I love Reese’s I decided to make these.

Then I thought, “All that effort, that delay only to be gone for 2 seconds?” Add the “I should only make 2 so that I won’t get fat” thought to it – BOOM – no go. However, because I’m awesome in a lazy way, I managed to get my fix using these.

Well since I know you’re smart, you’d know the fate of this cute kiss.

Yep, the Kiss would be introduced to Peter Pan.

And that did not last for .7635 millisecond.

So I did it again. This time, confident.

That lasted for .00458 millisecond. Then again. And again. And again.

So yeah. To hell with calories (I had five). This is addictive and simple to do. I’m doing it again. >:-)

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