I’ll Be Watching You (And You, Me)

If you’re like me, your day would start like this: open eyes, roll around in bed, reach for the nearest book, read for 5 minutes, walk up to the pc and check Facebook.

Well, it’s sad because sometimes, the whole morning can get ruined by what I see in the News Feed. Sometimes, my friends’ stuff would spill on my “Most Popular” News Feed and sometimes, their diaries would also spill on my Facebook News Feed. What’s worse are the things that pop out in the “Recent” News Feed. They’re news from the ones who happened to get online at the same time as me and we’re not necessarily close. Most of the time, they’re the same crowd everyday and they post their “glamour shots” reminiscent of those in Napoleon Dynamite. If I covet your life, I wouldn’t mind, but most of the time, I don’t.

Uncle Rico's Glamour Shot
Uncle Rico's Glamour Shot in Napoleon Dynamite

Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about it because they’re using their own territory. Your page is like your yard. You can do all sorts of stuff on it, good or bad, it’s of your discretion. I can do anything in my page too and you can’t tell me to fuck off either, because that’s the way it works. But that liberty is a double-edged sword because you are actually presenting yourself to the whole world: your choice of words, grammar, language, links, likes, recommendations, friends… Anything you say or do can and will be held against you. So as much as I hate your page, the only thing I can do is a) unfriend you (which sucks because I wouldn’t have anything bad to look forward to); b) close the Facebook tab and continue checking emails; c) eat breakfast or d) post some of my own links/words that would show how much cooler I am.

It’s all narcissism, of which I am guilty too. And you, that’s why we’re addicted to Facebook. There’s this man who I have chatted to (via Facebook chat, of course) and he had some opinions about Facebook. He’s extreme. He went: “Oh shut up, Facebook is ruining our lives! Most people I know can’t go a day without it. Can’t we go back to the old times when we can get more things done?” Of course I told him that it’s never gonna happen and the damage has been done. We were even using Facebook chat for chrissakes! True to his word, he stopped going online everyday. His bestfriend even canceled his account. Bless them, I might do the same stint one of these days.

Then again, you might not read this if I’m not in Facebook.

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