Yeah I know, Christmas is nine months to go but what the hell. Have you seen The Secret? There ya go.

Although I get pleased really easily (as in like, I feel really pleased with myself when I reached Taft from Magallanes with a backpack, walking in the rain — happiness/relief, really), I am still a material girl. Come on, you are too. Isn’t your life defined by the latest phone model? That’s not me, or any of my friends and I do not know why you are reading this.

Anyway, if money were not a problem, what would you spend on? Personally I’d burn my cash by (in order):

1. Buy a kickass stereo system.
2. Okay slash that, number one would be to buy a big house that I can live in alone. Then buy that stereo.
3. Okay, I’ll make a recording studio in the big house.
4. While we’re at it, have a mini theater with a bar.
5. Rebuild my DVD collection from scratch.
6. CDs too. And vinyls.
7. Sunglasses.
8. Oh yeah, and buy all the paintings I want.

For posterity’s sake, I’ll write down several names that I will acquire:

1. The Black Keys
2. The Raconteurs
3. The Wes Anderson Collection
4. Pulp Fiction (soundtrack and movie)
5. Drive (soundtrack and movie)
6. Nine Inch Nails
7. The Hangover
8. Fight Club
9. Hayao Miyazaki
10. Blur
11. Stone Roses
12. Kid Cudi
13. Smashing Pumpkins
14. Alice in Wonderland
15. Fight Club

That’s on the top of my head. Hell, I forgot about cars and books but that’s on the next list. 😛

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